Innovation of HungaroControl and ProofIT reform the aviation industry

ProofIT's automated software technology-based system is capable for quickly and fully testing air traffic control systems. We present our joint innovation with HungaroControl at the 2022 World ATM Congress.

Successful R&D project

ProofIT has been working with HungaroControl since 2018 to help ensure the quality assurance of one of their most critical IT systems, the so-called ATM (Air Traffic Control) system. During this nearly five years, we have jointly developed fully robotic, automated regression testing of ATM systems. The result of our joint work with HungaroControl is that test automation is also possible on fully integrated ATM systems. With the help of ProofIT's ACE (Automated Conformance Evaluation) test automation toolkit, no coding competence is required for the automated tests used to ensure the quality of air traffic control systems.

Our joint work includes exploring quality control assurance-type issues as well as supporting live operations with data collection. In addition to the simple support supporting the activities, we have also participated in the three R&D activities of HungaroControl so far.

Benefits of the innovation

Automating the testing of air traffic control systems has become a very important issue nowadays. ProofIT's automated software technology-based system is capable for quickly and fully testing air traffic control systems. Automation of regression tests can reduce the workload on air traffic controllers. Test automation allows air traffic controllers to free themselves from repetitive work and focus only on the tasks that are important to them. The many thousands of repetitive functions are controlled by a robot instead.

Measurements also confirm that automated regression testing can test deeper and more accurately than with humans. Manual testing of newer ATM system versions and bug fixes is extremely time-consuming and never a complete task, as the correct operation of the functions must be tested for as many procedures and conditions as possible - which a robot can do much more precisely.

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QA using ACE

Automated regression testing of ATM systems is great for making technology, protocol, operation, and integration more efficient. ACE toolkit ensures that the most valuable human experts independently incorporate their knowledge into an ever-expanding automated test suite. ACE test automation tool system developed by ProofIT runs, evaluates and detects ready-made tests at any frequency and without human intervention. This reduces the time of the tests and significantly increases the number of tests that can be performed.

Innovation debuts at World ATM Congress

Experts from HungaroControl and ProofIT present the robotic QA testing of IT systems for air traffic control to the professional audience at the World ATM Congress in Madrid this June. This innovation can make a huge difference in the field of highly complex and detailed air traffic control. Robotics for quality assurance of ATM systems are expected to have a major impact on the aviation industry.

ATM System Test Tool

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